Custom Machine Design
Repurposed Equipment for Specialized Use

custom machine designFarm Equipment and heavy equipment users oftentimes are looking for custom machine design to help them be more efficient in their workflow. Most of the time, they are looking for a custom piece of equipment to be designed – usually for a specific process for which they have no solution.

Lavy Enterprises helps countless individuals with custom machine designs – either creating new equipment or repurposing their existing units to best fit their unique needs. Our experienced mechanics have provided some amazing prototypes, ranging from custom farming and tractor accessories to heavy-duty construction applications.

We listen closely to each client, understanding their needs and existing shortcomings for a particular application. Then, we design and fabricate new machines to help solve their problems.

Basically, if there is a need, then Lavy Enterprises will find a way!

Our people take great pride in their craft and will come up with a machine design to fit your needs if given an opportunity. Contact us today for more information concerning custom equipment design, and check below for just a few samples of projects we have completed for our existing clients.

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